Chaz Bono Casting on “DWTS” Brings Out the Vicious Nay Sayers

Controversy is already being stirred up on “Dancing with the Stars” due to casting the first transgender contestant, Chaz Bono. Some viewers are claiming that it’s a “family show” and they are quick to pass out judgements. Here’s the thing though, I’ve never considered “DWTS” to be a family show. Give me a break the show shows entirely too many body parts and sexual chemistry to be considered family tv. At least for me. Live and let live, I say.

“DWTS” executive producer Conrad Green says “Dancing” remains a family show (who knew) and viewers should watch the show before making judgements.

Chaz Bono was born female and underwent surgery to become a man. Bono hopes to be an advocate for transgender and you have to admire his courage. It can’t be easy to open yourself up for speculation and judgements. And it’s his life, so let him live it.

Bono’s mom Cher took to Twitter to defend her son mama bear style. She says Chaz has been viciously attacked since “DWTS” cast was announced. Makes you wonder what is wrong wtih people to judge so harshly, or at all.

Other season 13 cast mates include Ron Artest, Hope Solo, Nancy Grace, Ricki Lake, Chynna Phillips, David Arquette, J.R. Martinez, Carson Kressley, Robert Kardashian, and Elisabetta Canalis.

I am especially looking forward to seeing Chaz, Ricki Lake, and Chynna Phillips this season. Rumored had it that Ryan O’Neal was set to join as well, but had problems with his knees. I would have loved to see him on the show!

Looks like it’s going to be a great season! Who are you most looking forward to watching? What are your early predictions? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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