“Chaz Bono – Dancing with the Stars”

Chaz Bono strutted his stuff on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ We are so proud of him for his courage, strength, and ability to follow his heart and dreams.

Chaz has faced criticism for wanting to appear on the show. There was speculation that television viewers would be uncomfortable with a former female turned male appearing on the popular family show. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is appropriate for audience members of all ages, and the previous gender identity of Chaz Bono should not be an issue in terms of his right to perform on the show.

Dressed in a black suit highlighted with a touch of purple, and a white shirt, Chaz Bono entertained the audience with his smooth moves to Dancing in the Streets. The judges gave Chaz a total score of 17 for dancing the Cha – Cha – Cha. “You did not disappoint,” stated Carrie Ann. Chaz appeared to be a natural star. His smile and great personality lit up the stage. “You should be proud,” chimed Bruno. “We have amazing chemistry,” said Chaz, who is partnered with Lacy Schwimmer on Dancing with the Stars. “But being in your 40s and overweight, it kills your body.”

Chaz is the only child of singer Cher and the late Sonny Bono. Chaz expressed concerns that his decision to change his gender has been difficult for many people to understand, including his mother Cher. He will be appearing in a documentary on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) which gives viewers a look into his transformation and provides information to help people understand more about being transgender.

This season’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ was off with a bang. Lots more fun and entertainment is sure to follow each week, so stay tuned.

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