Cheap Vacation Package Options

With the uncertain US Economy 2011, making sure the vacation is affordable is a top priority for many couples and families. In addition to Hotwire, Priceline and Expedia, there are several new choices available now. These sites utilize the power of group purchasing power. These companies provide tremendous discounts on flights, hotels, and even cheap Caribbean trips.

Groupon Getaways, the discount travel section of Groupon , provides cheap trips to fun and exciting cities such as Las Vegas, Miami, and New York. Groupon Getaway participants also have the opportunity to purchase all inclusive trips at major discounts such as 50 to 60%.

Bloomspot is a relatively new vacation group daily deal site. The all-inclusive deal to St. Lucia recently offered at a $3,000 discount. Bloomspot offers luxury vacation local such as a Galapagos Islands luxury yacht cruise. You don’t want to leave the country? Don’t worry; they even have cheap domestic vacation deals, including the sunny Florida beaches.

Are you leery about taking a trip without solid recommendations? Planning a trip to Mexico? Trip Advisor’s SniqueAway may be the site for you to search for your next affordable vacation. Along with vacation package deals, SniqueAway offers actual user reviews and photographs of the various vacation lodging, restaurants, and attractions. Trips to Mexico may seem a bit scary with the Mexican drug war. However, Trip Advisor’s member’s first hand experiences can assist in selecting the safest city for your trip to Mexico. According to SniqueAway, ” We offer only premiere properties boasting the highest ratings in TripAdvisor reviews.”

JetBlue, the airline company, provides inexpensive all inclusive vacation deals, even last minute cheap vacation trips. Not only are the deals for hotels affordable, the flights are included as well.

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