Chicago Bliss Vs. Las Vegas Sin

This week’s matchup featured the expansion team Las Vegas Sin in their first ever game against one of last season’s Western Conference power house teams in the Chicago Bliss. With last year’s MVP Heather Furr returning to lead the Chicago Bliss this one looked on paper to be an easy opening week for the Bliss, I mean come on, their opponent was an expansion team in their first game.

The game started fairly well with both teams running the ball and both teams picking up scores to make it 6-6. After a few series in the first half we realized that Chicago quarterback, and last year’s MVP, Heather Furr was not able to throw the ball and everyone knew it and the Sin used it. The Bliss put up a good fight and apparently have another quarterback on their roster that can throw but kept running the option to the right and came up empty. 20-6 Sin at the half.

After coming out form halftime the game seemed to be played with a lot more urgency from both sides. The Sin seemed to find their passing attack to mix in with the run and Chicago had no answer. Chicago eventually came back running the ball and then brought in their throwing QB to complete a pass to Furr for a first down and scored on the next play. Chicago was coming back.

The Sin eventually marched back down the field and scored to make it a 2 possession game again and Chicago marched back down to make it a one possession game. With time running out and the Sin with the ball we saw lots of drama as the ball was fumbled and dropped and almost turned over. It was interesting to see the thinking of the coaches because the Sin could have run out the clock but opted to score and take the points in case of a playoff tie breaker later in the season. This gave the Bliss one more chance with about 20 seconds left on the clock and I am not sure that anyone knows what the coach was thinking as he went back to the run. Eventually the game ended with the Las Vegas Sin coming out on top 32-20.

I will note that while this league is very entertaining and the girls are doing their jobs, the referees have got to go. This week we saw another rash of dumb mistakes that included an offsides, the girl jumped 3 yards and way before the snap, and the inability to know how penalties work. 1st and 10 with a five yard penalty and the line judges moved the chains to keep it 1st and 10 just five yards further back. Luckily the head ref stepped in and fixed the problem, including reviewing the offsides which I thought was unusual, and the outcome of the game was not affected. Can we not go out and get some local high school refs? Or maybe junior high? Just someone who knows how football works please. These girls and doing their best and as a fan I think that they and we deserve to have officials that know how the game is played.

Next week’s matchup on Friday night, MTV2, 10:00pm EST, the Tampa Breeze vs. the Philadelphia Passion. If you are looking for entertainment, look no further.

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