Child and Adult: ADHD Symptoms

One of the most known symptoms for ADHD is the lack of attention. This can be obviously seen in children and still a dominant symptom as they grow to their adulthood. It is said on the contrary that the hyperactivity lessens as the ADHD child progresses to adult stage.

According to some early surveys and studies, it is said that ADHD in children are more often diagnosed compared to adults that has ADHD.

There are about half of the children with ADHD that will undergo or experience the symptoms as they grow according to some research. With this, it is strongly recommended to consult a physician or medical specialist to diagnose the child if ADHD symptoms are seen or observed. This is to give immediate management that would help the child as they take the developmental stage of their life.

What the medical specialist or physician primarily do is to gather the complete data of the ADHD child. This composed of the child’s manifestation of ADHD symptoms, the background, and reactions to certain tests given. In turn, the family members especially the parents must give the needed information that can be used for their child’s ADHD case.

It is a fact that medications will be given on the ADHD child. The adult that has ADHD that needs medications for managing the symptoms is a must as well. However, you must be aware that physician will give different medications and dosages depending on the child and adults needs. The therapies needed for both age levels also matter. They will give corresponding therapies suited for the child as well as to adults with ADHD. There are many researches and studies that show that the treatments, medications, and therapies given to manage ADHD symptoms from childhood to adulthood should be based on the symptoms they manifest and the doctor’s prescription. The family is strongly to advise to give their full support on the ADHD patient especially during their childhood years.

According to studies, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or the CBT is the treatment best given to adults with ADHD. This therapy may help the ADHD patient to deal with different symptoms especially on their emotional side. Self – control will be built that would give positive result as they solve their problems, monitor what their skills or abilities are, and strengthening one self.

There are situations wherein the detection of ADHD is during their childhood. This is helpful since early management will be given and can help the child up to their adulthood. The treatment given by doctors can be maintained until the child grows older. When the child’s ADHD symptoms are managed as early as possible, chances are the symptoms may be easily managed during their adulthood.

Adults with ADHD will no longer find it difficult to deal with the symptoms.

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