Children of the Corn Mixtape

The Children of the Corn mixtape, the first mixtape I did with my friend of twenty-five years, Deejay Gates, was a great experience. Nature Boy is my nickname, and I had so much fun making this mixtape with him. It took us two hours to create this great material, but it felt like it only took an hour. The songs we used flowed so perfectly. It was as if we were putting a studio album together. I felt proud that we did not make any mistakes creating The Children of the Corn mixtape.

Children of the Corn(er) was a hip-hop group formed in the early 1990s, which consisted of Harlem rappers Big L, Murda Mase, Killa Cam, Bloodshed, and McGruff. They represented Harlem to the fullest and they definitely could have been one of the greatest rap groups ever. They released over 30 songs, but never were sign as a group. Gates and I wanted to capture the underground and excitement of 1990s Harlem with the music they recorded together, solo, and collaborated with other artists. We wanted the energy and glamour of 125 th Street mixed with the hardcore scene of Harlem. I think we did a great job presenting that because the mixtape have the radio friendly songs for the women and the street records for the fellers. We both felt listeners would enjoy The Children of the Corn mixtape and knew it was a gem!

“That’s What’s Happenin,’” “MVP (Remix),” and”American Dream” were my favorite tracks on this mix-tape. I never get bored listening to them because it reminded me of how good 1990s rap music really was.

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