Chinese Checkers Cake

Chinese checkers has been a favored game for decades. Many kids – and adults – love the game which features a game board in the shape of a giant, 6-point star and marbles as the game pieces. If you know someone who loves Chinese checkers, or you’re just having a fun game party, why don’t you make a Chinese checkers cake? It looks great and is appropriate for any number of special occasions.

Bake any flavor/color of cake from a boxed mix or recipe. Make a single, 12″ round cake to create the Chinese checkers cake. If you don’t have a 12″ round cake pan you can use a pizza pan. However, the pizza pans are very shallow so you’ll need to bake two pizza pan cakes to make the checkerboard. After baking, allow to cool completely, then turn them out of the pans.

If you’ve made two pizza pan cakes, frost the first one, and stack the second one on it. Frost the entire cake with white frosting and smooth the icing so that there are no peaks. Set the cake in the freezer for a few minutes to slightly harden the frosting.

Use a ruler to draw a six-point star on the cake with a toothpick. Or, cut two triangular papers and use them as the pattern. After drawing the pattern, color white frosting different colors using food coloring, and color each triangle on the game star a different color. Make one purple, one blue, one yellow, one orange, one green and one pink. Frost the center of the star with red frosting.

Use gumballs as the game pieces but, first, make indentations with one of them or with a marble. At each point of the star, make one indentation, two indentations under that, a row of three indentations next, and so on.

After all the indentations are made in the frosting set some gumballs on the game. The gumballs should also be blue, purple, yellow, orange, pink and green, just like the frosting colors. There should be 10 gumballs for each color of frosting. Set some of the gumballs into each point of the star and some of them in the middle of the cake, in the indentations.

The delicious Chinese checkers cake is really unique yet easy to make. It’s great for a child or an adult, for anyone who loves the game, or just for a sleepover your child is having where games will be played. Be sure to take a picture of the Chinese checkers cake; it’s one-of-a-kind.

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