Choosing the Right Type of Heated Driveway System

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up on a winter morning and know that you don’t need to get out of bed and shovel snow off your driveway before you go to work? This dream could soon be a reality if you invest in one of the many types of heated driveway systems now available.

Lots of different types of heated driveway systems can be installed in both residential and commercial properties. More and more home and business owners are discovering just how affordable many types of heated driveway systems now are and the numerous benefits they offer.

The most efficient types of heated driveway systems are those that use radiant heat to melt the snow and ice from the surface of your driveway. This is basically the same technology as that pioneered by the wealthier ancient Romans who fitted hypocausts to heat their lavish homes. While the technology has obviously come a long way since the fall of the Roman Empire, the basic principle behind it is the same.

There are two types of heated driveway systems, those heated electrically and those heated hydronically. Although both types of heated driveway systems involve heating elements being embedded in concrete below the surface of the driveway, electric driveway heating systems use high voltage cables while hydronic ones melt the snow with hot water pumped through plastic tubes. Hydronic systems are bulky and noisy because they need a boiler and pump, manifold to circulate the hot water through the plastic tubes.

Most types of heated driveway systems now have an automatic sensor that kicks in when the temperature go below 39 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that they respond very fast to the onset of cold weather.

Although hydronic systems are more expensive to buy and install than electric ones, their operational costs are often much lower. Both types of heated driveway systems have their pros and cons that you need to weigh up before buying one or the other. Having said that, either of the two types of heated driveway will increase the value of your home by extending the lifespan of the concrete surface.

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