Christmas at the Dollar Store

Christmas on a budget can still be merry, especially if you know where to shop for your holiday needs. The dollar store, while sometimes overlooked, can be a great destination for many of the items on your to-do list. With every item costing only a dollar, you can walk out of the dollar store with your Christmas items in tow feeling like you’ve just scored the deal of the season. Some of these items will include:

Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags– The dollar store is an incredible deal for Christmas wrapping paper and gift bags. With rolls of paper and decorative bags at one dollar each, this can be a savings of fifty percent or more from other retailers. Load up on as many of these items as you’ll need, choosing from the many varieties available.

Gifts and Stocking Stuffers
– The dollar store is a treasure trove of inexpensive gifts and stocking stuffers! For children, there are games, dolls, flash cards, art supplies, picture books, stuffed animals, and a variety of toys. For adults, you can find scented candles, wine glasses, picture frames, calendars, books, and a huge variety baskets if you choose to make a themed gift basket for the recipient. There’s candy an d toiletries and coffee mugs and even DVDs. The dollar store’s breadth of inventory is shocking once you start browsing for gifts!

– The dollar store can’t be beat when it comes to holiday decorations. If you’re looking to spruce up your home to show your Christmas spirit, the dollar store has plenty of decorations for you to choose from! There are wreaths, holiday themed centerpieces, even ornaments and lights. They even sell themed miniature ceramic sculptures and snow-globes and plastic, holiday tree skirts.

Party Goods and Food Service Items
– For your Christmas party, the dollar store has you covered. The dollar store is a phenomenal place to pick up paper plates, napkins, plastic flatware, and plastic table cloths, many of which you will be able to find in a Christmas theme. If you’re hosting a huge holiday meal, you can purchase large aluminum baking trays, plastic tongs, plastic serving platters, and many other odds and ends that you may need for dinner, such as turkey basters, butter dishes, and extra large serving spoons. For any party- be it Christmas or otherwise- the dollar store is a great place to fulfill your hosting needs!

– Speaking of your holiday party, you may want to check out the dollar store’s food aisles to see if any deals can be found. Crackers, pretzels, pasta, basic spices such as garlic powder, tea, salad dressing, and soda are usually good finds. Some dollar stores even have a freezer and refrigerated section where you can find butter, frozen vegetables, and bite-sized pizza snacks among other random, edible treats. The dollar store also stocks some items, such as condensed soups, that are sold two for a dollar.

Christmas Cards
– The dollar store usually has a great selection of Christmas cards. At six or eight cards for a dollar, this is a steal!

– Do you have children? If so, then it’s almost guaranteed that some of their Christmas gifts are going to require batteries. One of the best deals at the dollar store are the batteries. Load up! You can never, ever have too many batteries.

The dollar store may not be the first place the average consumer thinks of when they start their holiday shopping, but with unbelievable bargains- everything’s a dollar or less!- it probably should be. Dollar stores are located everywhere and have almost everything you might need to make this Christmas one of the jolliest yet!

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