Christmas Cheer

Snowflakes cascade from the sky giving the ground its own wedding dress. Bare trees shine like crystal , their frozen coating giving purpose. Children skating, laughing, holding hands. Parents are onlookers, smiling as they see memories made. Red noses fill the congested streets, shoppers shove through the masses looking for the perfect gift. Christmas trees stretch toward the sky, challenging their competitors. Adorned in silver and gold, yellow and blue, red and green. Shopping bags leave indentations on every wrist, revealing their burden.

Daybreak. Foggy and cold, anticipation hangs impatiently in the air, waiting backstage before the finale. Laughter and cheer fill each home Boxes stacked to the ceiling, candy exploding out of the stockings, treasures waiting to be discovered. Squeals of delight radiating. The smiles pasted to every face. Wrapping and tissue paper collide before gravity forces them back to reality.

All traces will disappear soon. Pine needles blanketing the floor will soon vanish, the colorful kaleidoscope of ornaments returning to cages. Naked cardboard tubes filling the wastebaskets. The momentary spell breaks in in a flash. Oh, Christmas, come again soon.

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