Christmas Has Arrived

Lift up your hands on high, and sing loudly because we have received great gifts and lots of toys,
on this day when Christmas arrives bringing presents in abundance with so much joy.
Let us all open our eyes on this bright and glorious day; Christ Child is born, in a manger so very far away.
While church bells ring out and Heaven’s Angles sing out, the Children singing in harmony,
with thanksgivings and much praise, Christmas has arrived,
and once again it’s going to be a glorious and wonderful Holiday.
It’s here again now, standing at your doors,
oh yes, Christmas has arrived bringing gifts to be admired and adored.
So be marry, giving gifts of alms, give gifts of frankincense, give gifts of kindness,
and give gifts to share, read books together, sing hymns and praises,
sing psalms of love with each other who all care.
Christmas has arrived with power, love and victory, Christmas is here and blessed are our treats .
Christmas has arrived with abundance of life, so let us all be thankful,
Christmas has arrived, with greatness from among the stars,
from all the heavenly bodies who shaped us from above,
with affection by hands that made us all so perfect,
Be glade because Christmas has arrived with unconditional joy filled,
and abundance of love!
Merry Christmas!

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