Classical Music for Increased Productivity, Focus, and Motivation

There is one type of music that has the unique ability to stir the mind and heart like no other. Classical music has the amazing capability to influence thought, fortify calm and generate motivation. Whether I am working on financial spreadsheets or writing in my bedroom, Classical music is a helpful companion that improves focus, concentration and productivity. Read on for a look at some of the songs from the Classical music era that are among the most likely to get you back to work.

Bach’s “Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major”

Bach’s “Cello Suite No. 1 in G major” is a composition from the Classical era that is most likely to tune my mind to a higher frame of focus. The rich sound of the cello in combination with Bach’s intricate web of notes provides calm as you delve further into your work. The further you get into the song, the more you are sucked in by its power. A tremendous accomplishment by Bach.

Vivaldi’s “Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins”

Antonio Vivaldi was the masterful composer behind many Classical-era songs, but one of his greatest accomplishments lays in “Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins.” Featuring dueling violins and an accompanying cello, this powerful composition ranges in speeds and octaves. Heightened concentration and motivation always come after listening to this incredible song.

Mozart’s “Requiem Mass in D Minor”

Mozart’s “Requiem Mass in D Minor” stands in a class of its own. I don’t use the word epic often, but it truly applies to this utterly brilliant and dark piece. Often featured as the background music to battle sequences in movies, Mozart’s “Requiem Mass in D Minor” is powerful and will immediately grab your attention and improve productivity.

Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”

Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” is a grand example of what can be achieved when a composer allows his emotions to controll the flow of a song. An immensely powerful compostion that is capable of pulling a listener into a higher state of concentration and focus. There is a reason Beethoven’s name is still known to this day – The man was a genius when it came to compositions of the Classical era.

Handel’s “La Rejouissance”

George Frederic Handel’s “La Rejouissance” is a regal, high energy composition that never fails to inspire motivation and creativity in me. A brilliant and highly enjoyable piece by a talented composer, “La Rejouissance” is ranked so highly in my book that I chose it as my recessional march in my wedding. Turn on “La Rejouissance” and allow the song to take you over. I notice my mood increases, thoughts begin to flow and the desire to get back to work is strong.

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