CNN’s Heroes Become Inspirational Blueprints

COMMENTARY | None of the staff at CNN’s “Heroes” award show informed the audience of a specific theme for the evening. However, anyone in attendance at the fifth annual tribute could feel a universal theme inside the walls of Los Angeles’ Shrine auditorium. To borrow Jerry Seinfeld’s word for the evening, the message of the event felt “palpable.” It was visible in the respect and excitement each honoree’s family and friends displayed. Their faces reflected appreciation and love for one person in their lives who made incredible sacrifices for many.

If anyone ever felt overwhelmed about making a difference, CNN provided the answer tonight. Day after day, the news shows the world going to hell in a gas-soaked hand basket. By contrast, the ceremony hosted by Anderson Cooper honors those who are examples of simplicity in helping. They create beauty where others only saw horror. The honorees provide a blueprint for people to escape the downward spiral and rescue others along the way.

When people look at their lives and realize they are not doing enough, CNN’s Heroes inspires everyone to do more. They make it mandatory to act now. The nominees each have stories providing a perfect excuse to quit; instead they decided to stand up and bring change. The CNN Heroes tribute shows 10 people who used the power of one to change the lives of millions.

In the midst of trauma, one father decided to use his son’s devastating injury to bring inspiration, information & hope to young athletes with spine injuries.

While the U.S. forces lose their lives in the fight to protect our nation, one widow became a support to others left behind by war when none existed for her.

In the worst economic times and housing crisis our country has faced in two generations continues, one broker grew up in poverty and decided to eliminate the red tape to help the poor.

During his escape from genocide and war, one refugee took what other people wasted and brought healing to his homeland.

Surrounded by hopelessness, violence, and gangs, one grandmother opens her doors for hope when others have closed their doors, minds, and hearts to the youth.

After losing two family members in childbirth, one sister offers pregnant women a safe place to bring new life to the planet

With his new lease on life, one cancer survivor uses his second chance to teach life lessons to children ravaged by disaster.

Following the directive of his mother, seven days a week, one obedient son, feeds hundreds of forgotten children just miles from the happiest place on earth.

After serving his country with honor, one veteran now serves independence to people who need mobility.

With the heart to love a child, one mother gave her entire heart to reach a nation of kids.

Lives all over the planet, changed every single day…and all it takes is the power of one.

If you are interested in making a difference and want to help any of the charities honored by CNN, please visit the link below. Google is waiving all transaction fees for donations until December 31, 2011. Respective charities will receive 100 percent of all money collected.

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