Coffee with My Facebook Friend

Every morning I have my coffee

It tastes better and better each year I am retired

I share it with my wife

And I share it with a friend

That friend is very special

He is a kind man full of wisdom

His outlook on life is incredible

Yet, we have never met

We exchange comments often

The social network we use is Facebook

We talk about when we will share a cup in person

We talk about life in short snippets

We are friends

I don’t know how we found each other

I think it was playing games on Facebook

Isn’t it amazing how this social media brings people together

My wife has become his friend

My son and his wife have become his friend

It is amazing what a cup of coffee and Facebook can do

Maybe both have caffeine

One caffeine is chemical

The other caffeine may be chemically induced by our brains

No matter what

I know that each morning I am sharing coffee not just with my wife, but my friend.

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