Come to Me

Come to me my darling,

Come lay the clothes down,

Come hold me close to you,

Come my love,

My god,

As the cool air surrounds us,

The bed trembling beneath us,

Our bodies mold together,

As our flesh become one,

The musk of your cologne reaches my nose,

As my heart beats faster,

Trembling underneath you,

As my voice calls out to you,

You are my Prince,

And I am your princess,

The hotness grows between us,

As it magnifies its intensity,

Warmer and warmer,

The flesh becomes,

As ecstasy is reached

Time and time again,

I love you with all my heart,

With every bit that I am,

God has brought us together,

To this moment,

That defines now,

And will define again,

Our flesh glistens,

The defenses fall,

Everything fades away,

We are blessed,

We are one,

My god,

My love,

My everything,

Glorious is the ending,

The air cools again,

As you hold me close to you,

The bliss of being with you,

Being your love tonight,

And every night that follows,

Brings joy,


And gratitude,

Come to me my darling,

Come to my waiting arms,

Let us not wait another moment,

Let us become as one again.

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