Comedy Movies Made Available for Netflix Instant Streaming on January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012 is not just a day on which to start all those resolutions to improve yourself that will be just a distant memory by Martin Luther King Day, but a day on which Netflix released a flood of comedy movies that you can instantly stream to your computer or TV. Here’s a look at some of what is available at the beginning of 2012, but keep in mind that some of these will expire from your Netflix queue by April Fool’s Day of this year.

He Said, She Said

Take a trip back to the early 1990s when a comedy could actually star Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Perkins. “He Said, She Said” kind of prefigured the appearances of James Carville and Mary Matalin all over the TV in 1991 in its tale of two politically oppositional pundits who find love despite their political differences.

Office Space

Has “Office Space” officially made the leap from cult comedy to mainstream comedy? Mike Judge made the leap from small screen animation to big screen comedy in a satire that was perhaps just a little too close to the bone to become an instant hit when it arrived in theaters. Much like so many other movies that did not exactly set the box office on fire when first released, “Office Space” found an audience on cable and inside the video store. Perhaps if “Office Space” is not exactly to the point of mainstream comedy hit, its arrival on Netflix for instant viewing on January 1, 2012 will do the trick. Just don’t put off watching it too long. By January 2, 2013 it will be too late.


Comedies don’t get much darker than “Parents.” Directed by that guy whose face you recognize but whose name you can’t recall, Bob Balaban, this movie gave Randy Quaid one of his rare starring parts before he went nuts and headed north to Canada to escape the Star Whackers. Just how dark is “Parents”? Try to name another domestic comedy film that posits cannibalism as a metaphorical necessity for suburban survival. Ask your buddies to watch “Parents” with you and then vote on how many consider the movie a comedy and how many consider it a horror film. The result will provide you with direct link into the subconscious of your friends. Those who view “Parents” as a comedy are the ones you to sit behind when taking a test in Psychology or Philosophy 101. These are the same people you want to get away from if you ever notice the smell of rotting flesh when you visit their house and cannot find any evidence of flesh that is rotting.

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