Comic Book Series Introduces Itself with ArtPrize Entry

Art and comic books go hand and hand- and why shouldn’t they? Where would Batman be without his iconic symbol, Superman without the image of his Clark Kent alter ego going into a telephone booth, and then him emerging as Superman? The collective works of Neil Gaiman, anyone? Comic books need art and graphic arts to fully develop, and Fiefdom of Angels is no different. The brainchild of dc Talk founder Kevin Max, graphic novelist Mike Bullock and artist Tyler Walpole, this new series goes into heavy detail about the ultimate war that shapes all of us: the battle between heaven and hell, good and evil. To celebrate the kick-off of the series, the creators have entered the cover art of the #0 Teaser Issue in this year’s ArtPrize ® competition in Grand Rapids, MI. ArtPrize ® is the world’s largest open art competition, allowing anyone to enter their art, providing they have a space (of any kind) to show it. It offers a prize of $250,000, and the first prize winner is selected by popular vote.

The entry, entitled Michael vs. Dragon, is currently being displayed on an almost 60 foot tapestry at the Grand Rapids Public Library. Along with the release of the teaser issue, Kevin Max is releasing a soundtrack to the series. Fans looking to sample a tune off the soundtrack can do so by way of their ArtPrize ® entry, which includes a QR code linking to a free download to the track “Take a Bow”. Max will also be promoting the series as well, making an appearance at the Wizard World Convention in Austin, TX between November 11 and November 13. The first issue is set for a December release. For more information, log on to The ArtPrize ® winners will be announced October 6.


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