Common Mistakes Pet Owners Make During a Flea Infestation

If your pets have ever suffered from fleas, then you will know all too well how troublesome it can be to rid your pets and your home of a flea infestation. But all too often, pet owners make a number of mistakes as they try to deal with the flea infestation, which compounds, rather than eliminates, the problem.

Failure to Treat the Home and Garden

When you notice that your pets have come down with fleas, applying a topical flea treatment can help get rid of the immediate problem, but more is required. Pet owners must also be diligent about treating their home and garden, as fleas will adhere to carpets, rugs, furniture and other places where pets walk, interact and lie down. A combination of flea sprays for carpets and the lawn, as well as powders and other treatments can help to thoroughly treat the problem.

Sharing Flea Treatments Amongst Multiple Pets

Flea treatments do not come cheaply. When you have more than one pet to treat the cost can soon eat into your budget, making treatment a financial burden. That is why some pet owners share flea treatments amongst multiple pets, in the hope that they will save money during treatment. Unfortunately, this is not a cost-effective method that will bring good results to pets, as they should all be treated with the prescribed dosage, no more, no less.

Ignoring Signs of Flea Re-infestation

Properly applied, flea treatments to pets, the home and garden should solve the problem and bring relief to suffering pets and their anxious owners. However, re-infestation can occur. When it does, some pet owners ignore the signs in the hope that it will go away. If your pets are showing signs of flea re-infestation, doing nothing will not get rid of the problem. Action must be taken quickly to get rid of the flea infestation once and for all.

Pet owners who are coping with a flea infestation should take consult their veterinarian for advice on the best course of treatment, so that they can take steps to treat the problem thoroughly and effectively. Common mistakes to be avoided include failure to treat the home and garden, sharing topical flea treatments with multiple pets and ignoring the signs of flea re-infestation.

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