Common Problems with Laptop Batteries and How to Solve Them

Since the laptop use is quite widespread, it is best to know some basics regarding the problems that may arise with the long-term use. These portable devices are extremely useful; however, it is the battery that generally gives problems. If you don’t know how to fix laptop battery problems, you might get into some serious trouble when you are vacationing or when you go on a business tour.

Most of these laptop battery problems can be resolved quite easily without help from the service personnel. All you need to do is, just follow some of the troubleshooting steps that you can obtain from the laptop manual. Reading the manual thoroughly is absolutely essential prior to using your laptop. The battery life depends on a number of factors such as the battery capacitance, size of the laptop screen, applications used etc. Hence, the manufacturers don’t provide any guarantee on the life of the battery.

If you encounter laptop battery problems with a new battery that is not functioning, you have to check to see if the battery has been fully charged in the first place. New batteries that come with the laptop are generally discharged batteries and they have to be charged before use. If it is a Li-Ion laptop battery, it will have to be charged for at least 12 hours prior to use and a NiMH battery will have to be charged for 24 hours before use.

In case the battery has been charged for a sufficient period of time and if you are still encountering problems, check for other minor issues. Check to see that the battery is inserted properly into the laptop. Sometimes, the laptop may just turn off automatically. If this happens, you have to check the power management settings because the laptop may be set to shut down automatically especially when the power in the battery is drained out.

If you notice that the laptop battery turns warm, you need not worry as it is a regular feature. However, if it gets too hot to handle, then you may be having a serious problem. In case you continue to encounter laptop battery problems, then you may call the service people.

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