Common, Yummy, and Super Healthy Food You’re NOT Eating

Who knew the powerful punch watermelon carries when it comes to healthy eating and diet? Well, turns out watermelon is among some of those super healthy and great-tasting food that gets overlooked when thinking on health. Find out why watermelon is so good for you, and learn other yummy common food items that you’re not eating in your diet – but totally should!

Watermelon is a super fruit due to the fact that it is loaded with Vitamins A and C, and very sweet (making it tasty and enjoyable). But don’t skip out on watermelon because you think it’s loaded with sugar- on the contrary, watermelon is naturally sweet but not a forbidden fruit. Watermelon is also mostly water, so it keeps you hydrated, and that thick peel means that if you’re worried about pesticides, you won’t find them in this fruit. Watermelon is also high in potassium, essential for energy, and super low in calories.

Don’t forget your lentils and beans. When you eat legumes, you boost your weight loss because you lower your bad cholesterol and raise your good. And if you don’t like to soak dried beans to cook later (use in soup, on salads, in tacos, etc), you can make canned beans healthier by draining the juice first and then running the canned beans through water. This reduces the sodium content in the canned beans by almost half. Plus, beans are full of fiber and protein, keeping you fuller, longer. And lentils with whole-grain rice? A super tasty meal that will fill you up but not load you up on calories.

Greek yogurt is all the rage these days, and there’s a reason for it. Plain Greek yogurt with no fat in it is a great choice because it is thicker, creamier, and has a better overall texture than regular fat free plain yogurt. Greek yogurt also has less lactose in it, and is full of B Vitamins, potassium, calcium, protein, and those live cultures that are good for digestion. What makes plain Greek yogurt so awesome is the versatility – you can cook with it, eat it with cereal, or use it over fruit. Use it instead of sour cream on your baked potato too for a healthier meal!

Speaking of potatoes, don’t skip your sweet potatoes. A sweet potato has far fewer carbs and calories than a regular potato, but can be used in much the same way. If you’ve never had a sweet potato chip or fry, you are missing out. These fiber-full sweet potatoes satisfy a sugar craving without the guilt (bake one and try it with cinnamon and you’ll melt) and have tons of potassium in them. Where a regular potato has nutrients too, you have to watch the carbs. A sweet potato can be enjoyed in the same way without the carbs and calories, and is a creamy mashed treat with raisins!

Canned tomatoes are actually healthier than regular tomatoes, and are full of cancer-fighting and risk reducing lycopene. Since canned tomatoes are typically fire-roasted before hitting the cans, they release far more of this healthy lycopene when you cook with them. Plus, canned tomatoes can be used in a variety of sauces and soups, so load up on these healthy tomatoes. They’re cheaper than regular tomatoes as well, which is a great bonus!

Cabbage soup, anyone? Well, red cabbage anyhow, is a great filling vegetable which is perfect in stir fry, soup, tacos, or however you want to use it, and is cheap to buy and only 22 calories a cup. A filling vegetable, red cabbage is high in fiber, very low in calories (it actually takes more calories to digest red cabbage than red cabbage actually even has!), and is super-rich in cancer fighting antioxidants.


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