Community College Career Programs in San Francisco

San Francisco has many colleges and universities. There is a community college in San Francisco and this is a great educational option. Tuition prices are cheaper at a community college than at a university. This is a budget-friendly way to go. Even going there the first two years will make a difference in the amount money paid into college. They have a variety of fields to study. They have wide range of majors. San Francisco is a great city to study and make friends. The city itself has a variety people and it’s a diverse city. The city is filled with educational museums, beautiful parks, and an upbeat nightlife. San Francisco has many great schools to choose from.

Community Colleges

City College of San Francisco- This is one of the largest community colleges in the United States. They have a wide range of educational plans. They have certificates in many fields of interests.

They have a certificate in criminal justice for those that want to be a police officer, correction officer, or a probation officer. They have firefighter training, they have business marketing, and they have education degrees for those that want to pursue a career as a preschool teacher.

They have nutritional and culinary arts careers. These are great careers for the students that are interested in jobs in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and resorts. They even have a nutritional assistant certificate. This will enable a person to work alongside a nutritionist.

They also have many careers in medical field. They have dental assistant training, sexual health educator, psychology, social science careers, and allied medical careers including nursing careers. They have vocational nursing, registered nursing, and radiology careers.

These are all great careers that are offered at the City College of San Francisco. These careers have the top salaries and are in high demand. Many of these careers will land a great and fun job.

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