Community Supported Agriculture in Knoxville, Tennessee

Community Supported Agriculture allows you to interact directly with the farmer that grows your vegetables, picks your fruit or collects your honey. Your share or membership is paid in advance of the growing season, and come harvest time you receive a weekly delivery of fresh goods! A large share, which should feed a family of 4 to 5, ranges from $25 to $28 per week. Your family will also enjoy building a personal relationship with the farmer, and you will have the opportunity to see first hand where and how your food is grown. Check out these CSAs in the Knoxville area:

Care of the Earth Community Farm
In early 2009, Megan and her husband returned to East Tennessee with big dreams to care for the Earth and give back to the community. Their beautiful 28.5 acre vegetable farm near House Mountain Natural Reserve is family-operated, chemical-free and irrigated by Big Flat Creek.
Megan offers local area drop-offs of full and half share boxes of vegetables, a weekly newsletter, community days at the farm and a recipe book. Care of the Earth Community Farm has drop off locations throughout Knoxville. Contact information is on their website, or you may call 865-978-0561 for more information.

Colvin Family Farm
Located on 42 acres in Bledsoe County, Steve Colvin is fulfilling his dream of raising his kids on his own farm. With a lot of hard work, Colvin Family Farm offered their first CSA shares in 2003. In 2006, they were one of the first farms in Tennessee to participate in the Certified Naturally Grown program.
Colvin Family Farm offers over 50 different fruits, vegetables, herbs and grains through their 25-week CSA program, and there are local area drop-off points. They also offer a weekly newsletter and family fun days at the farm where you can pick your own produce, enjoy hay rides, swap recipes and share in a potluck. Contact information is on their website, or you may call 1-866-865-8329 for more information.

Organicism Farms
Jessica and Ryan started Organicism Farms in 2009. Organicism Farms is a certified Naturally Grown produce farm located in Seymour at the foot of the Smoky Mountains. They supply well known Knoxville restaurants such as Tomato Head, Crown and Goose and RouXBarb.
Organicism can be found at the New Harvest and Market Square Farmers Markets in addition to their two-season CSA program. Contact information is on their website, or you may call 865-236-1053 for more information.

Bread, Poultry and Beef and Butter & Cheese
While not technically CSAs, I would feel remiss if I did not share the opportunity to enhance your fruit and veggie delivery with these additional offerings.

Erin Bicknese runs the Knoxville Bread Co-op, and members may sign up for weekly or twice-weekly freshly baked goods. Send Erin a message for more details at: [email protected] River Ridge Farms offers beef, pork, poultry, eggs and honey. They can be found at the Market Square Farmers Market. Kira’s Kids Dairy has fresh goat cheese in many varieties for sale at the Market Square Farmers Market. Both the Market Square and New Harvest Farmers Markets are invaluable resources in East Tennessee for fresh, local food.

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