Congress, the Majority is Full of #%@*

Never in the history of my life have I ever seen such “whinning” coming from a group of adults. If the “majority” doesn’t get it’s way, pouting and tantrums follow.
You tantrum throwing, name calling bunch of babies act like little brats whose leader is a bully wanna-be. You have lost sight of why you were voted in. You’re afraid of your own party leader, therefore, you sit there and kiss the behind of a few idiots.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I say “idiots”? I meant “fools”. We, the people, the underpriviledged and middle-class,
know full well that many of you don’t really want to be “followers” of a fool but you’re afraid of this evil man.
Well, God didn’t give us a spirit of fear so it’s okay to say “NO” to Boehner.

We are concerned with the nourishment the garbage carriers are feeding you. We expect you to keep it real. As you well know, many of the people who voted you in are “pissed”. Mr. Boehner is causing more havoc than help. You guys are expendible!!!!!

Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, President Obama’s push to bring our troops home gives the spouse of a soldier “hope” for reunification? I guess as long as it’s not your children losing a parent, you can come up with excuses of “why” our troops should stay. Have you ever thought about digging deeper to find the real reason Americans went to war this time?

Jobs were next to none and the war was full blown, the economy was only a few inches from hell and this president has to put up with your nonsense in Congress. You didn’t do that to Bush. Why?

Many of you have even said President Obama is not forceful enough. Well, the bible tells us to be, “slow to anger”, or would you prefer our president to follow the leadership of a fool? He’s not backing down, he’s allowing others to show their true colors.

As for Perry and Romney, “tots”the word. It’s an “I can do anything better than you” game. It was played by children of yesteryear. Abolishing Social Security, gas dropping to $2 bucks a gallon, Hillary playing the strong, female card, Gore is really kissing the behinds of republicans.

As I said previously, this mess was already out of control when this man stepped into office and he’s faced with many, many obstacles. His race being the biggest.

The reality is, the “majority” party in Congress don’t give a rat’s behind as long as they can force failure upon this particular president. They’re striving for the Burger King’s “have it your way”. Isn’t that just like little spoiled brats?


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