Controversy Between Ages & Music

Over time the music industry has progressively gotten more and more fans and more and more money. Everyday people plug in their headphones, turn on their radios, and jam out to their sterios. Admit it, without music your life would be boring. That’s why we have artists in the world who spend long days and hard nights making enjoyable, touching music. But why do we hear teenagers expressing their anger towards older people so often? Why do older people feel disrespected by people of the newer generations? It’s because they have something in common… They love their music. To each his own right? Well if that’s the case (which I believe it is), then why do teens have to listen to older adults tell them to like other types of music? They shouldn’t.

Each person likes different things. Different movies, food, clothing, and music. Lately older generations have been complaining that music is not what it used to be. They say that genres such as hip-hop and rap are bad influences on teenagers. How can that be the case when artists like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and Big K.R.I.T are leading the hip-hop community with positive messages and stories about real struggles? I understand that artists such as these aren’t played on the radio as often as artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, T-Pain, and Chris Brown. But just because you dislike a few mainstream radio songs doesn’t mean every song from that genre is like that.

Real Hip-Hop is a beautiful thing. Sometimes I come home late at night, put in my headphones, and mellow out to some Nas. Other times I feel like i can change the world when I jump around to some Tupac. My point is this, stop being judgemental and closeminded and actually take the time to find great songs from a music genre that you look down upon. After finding some good songs maybe your oppinion will change. Just PLEASE, whatever you do, stop fighting with different people’s taste in music!

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