Conversation – A Skill, an Art, an Important Part of Our Lives!

Having a great conversation is a two-way street. It is give-and-take on a level most people never imagine. We have all said of others that we had a nice talk or something similar. It’s usually because the person you are conversing with is good at it. They listen effectively and can key in on what you’re saying to keep the topics flowing, making you feel appreciated. Now imagine if it went both ways.

Being well-spoken isn’t enough, although being articulate will certainly help you in the long run. Let’s look at some of the things you can do to make your conversation more appealing to those around you. Be confident. I know you’re new to this, but be confident anyway – at least fake it. Everyone has a different level of comfort when talking to people. Overcome it by talking to everyone, everywhere all the time. It will build your confidence, and soon enough, you won’t have to fake it anymore. Have you read my article on research yet? Go take a look later. Knowing who you are talking to helps you be prepared. When they talk about things they enjoy, ask for more information. If they are talking about how they love their dog, ask about it. “I just love dogs. How long have you had him?” Now if they are good at conversations, you will likely be asked if you have pets, and then it’s your turn to shine. Back and forth goes the conversation. It’s almost never equal. it should be a nice flow though, and you can help it get there by paying attention and interacting. If it’s a new person you have met, stay away from anything personal, even if they bring it up. Don’t ignore what they have said, but it’s better to let the conversation flow another way until everyone’s more comfortable. New friends are tricky. You wouldn’t want to offend on accident. Listening is a huge part of this. You have to be paying close attention to make the most of the conversation. Pick up on non-verbal clues as well to get a better picture.

Being a good conversationalist is important. You will have better relationships at work and at home if you can master this. You will be able to get what you need to be successful more easily and with less frustration. Practice this until you are comfortable doing it. Talk to everyone all the time and soon enough it will be second nature to you.

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