Cooking as an Everyday Sacred Act

All too often people think that acts must be planned, ornate and scripted to create a spiritual act. This highly ritualized way of thinking can be a wonderful approach to worship for some, but others prefer a simpler way. Busy lives or feeling uncomfortable with formality brings some to search for simple sacred acts. These are everyday acts that bring together simple acknowledgement of the Higher Power, embracing the energy that surrounds all of us, and making the best use of the time we have.

Cooking can be a sacred act within your every day life. Cooking is not just creating nutrition for the body, but nourishment for the soul. It is an opportunity for creativity and love, as well as a practical skill that most people use! If you are making a quick stir fry with precut veggies or a four course turkey dinner with all the trimmings, just remember your goal. You are creating nourishment for the mind, body and soul.

Paying attention to what kind of fuel for mind and body is being created and consumed can make a positive difference in both spiritual and physical existence. Try to spice up your culinary tastes with new fresh or frozen vegetables and tastes. Try to be creative to fuel the temple that is your body. Change cooking from a chore, to an opportunity to expand your well being. Challenge yourself to try a new dish. Work with a new vegetable. Revel in the culinary wonder of variety that is around us. Be thankful for the ability to try a bounty of different fruits, vegetables and other taste sensations.

The act of cooking itself can easily infuse love, calm and serenity into the food. Think of all the cutting, stirring and mixing to be acts of love. It is something you are doing for the wellbeing of you and your family’s mind, body and soul.

Make your cooking area special. Adorn it with items that make you happy and bring calm serenity to your mind. Some individuals like to light a small candle before beginning the process. This sets the tone that a special event is taking place.

No matter what, enjoy yourself while cooking. That bright attitude will help bring you closer to your inner self and all of those around you. It will also bring you a closer connection to your spiritual self. That self needs nourishment as well!

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