Copying and Pasting is Easy to Do

One part of effectively utilizing a computer for writing that took me a while to learn how to do effectively was copying and pasting text and images from Microsoft Word and Notepad programs. When I first tried copying and pasting with the computer mouse, I couldn’t get the hang of it right away. One of my sisters showed me the basics of the process and was very helpful.

One of the reasons why I had a hard time learning copying and pasting was remembering to place the cursor where I wanted to paste text or images.

The way that I memorized the copy and paste method was reminding myself that it was a two-step method. Now, I copy and paste several times a day in the article writing process.

The easiest way to learn how to copy and paste text and images is to open an application such as Notepad or a blank Microsoft Word document.

Type any words onto the page, then place the cursor at the beginning of the typed words, directly in front of the first letter. Click down and move the mouse to highlight the typed words.

At this point you are copying the text. This is the first step. With the text highlighted, you have three ways to copy. You can right-click then click on the copy option.

When you are copying and pasting text from a program such as Notepad, when you right-click to copy, the cut, copy, paste, delete, select all and undo options are shown. Simply click on the copy option.It is much easier to do that than clicking the Edit button, then Select All, then Copy.

When you right-click to copy highlighted text from Microsoft Word several other options are offered. In addition to cut, copy and paste commands, Word offers Font, Paragraph, Bullets and Numbering, Hyperlink and Synonyms options. The only one you have to click is copy.

Another way to copy the highlighted text is to go to the Edit button at the top of the page, then click copy. You can also use the Ctrl and C keys on the keyboard to copy the highlighted text.

Step two is the pasting. This step is also very easy and it only entails clicking on one button. Assuming that you just highlighted and copied the text, now you want to transfer it to another document, file or folder.

If you just did step one, the copying, from Microsoft Word or Notepad, now it is time for step two, the pasting.

On the document you want to paste the text onto, place the cursor where you want the text to be pasted.

You can right-click, which will show the undo, paste and select all buttons. Just click on the paste option and the text that you copied will appear. If you choose to, you can click-on the Edit button at the top of the page, then click the paste button from there or you could paste by pressing the Ctrl and V keys.

The same processes also generally apply to copying and pasting images.

If copying and pasting text and images is new to you, the two-step method is a simple way to understand the process.

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Personal experience with learning the technique

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