Corrupt Police

While stationed in San Diego, California, my friends and I decided to make a trip to Mexico to celebrate my 21st birthday. Jeff, Blake, Cory, Justin and myself (Austin) left San Diego by car on a Friday. We drove down and checked into our hotel room, got ready for the night and left for the bars. We were all drinking quite heavily and the group got split up as everyone was doing their own thing.

Cory and I ended up exploring the city by foot. I needed to relieve myself so I went into a bar and went to their upstairs bathroom. Little did we know that the bar was closed and that the owner did not approve of us tresspassing into his establishment. He and another manager came up and grabbed Cory and myself yelling a bunch of stuff that, do to a language barrier, I could not understand. Through the barage of non-understandable words, there was one that I did, POLICIA. Upon hearing it, I ran toward the stairs and made my escape. Unfortunatly, Cory was not so lucky. Once I ran the two men jumped on Cory.

I had no clue what happened to him, and ran around for about an hour looking for him or the rest of my friends. Finally, I found the rest of them, and they said they had not heard from or seen Cory. So we all went to the jail and found out he was there.

After a long, difficult conversation with the police at the jail, we realize they want to accept a bribe from us and bury the whole incident in the sand. We agreed and paid them $500 and Cory was free. He came out of the cell limping and I couldn’t figure out why. When I asked him, I got the details of what happened after I made my escape. The cops were called, but Cory ended up struggling free from the guards and jumped off the deck of the two story bar. Upon landing, he broke his ankle and kept running. The cops noticed him and he was running from them on his broken ankle. He jumped fences, shrubs and anything that got in his way until the cops shot their guns in the air. Cory immediatly hit the deck once he heard that.

After his story ended, our intoxicated friend blamed me for the incident and gave me a black eye. That was the icing on the cake of our disasatorous weekend vacation.

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