Could Air Pollution Have a Relationship with Tummy Fats

It’s probably a weird thought…I know…I had that same feeling, when I first thought about this. But air pollution does seem to have a relationship with having tummy fats.

You’re probably thinking…”ok, but how!?”

Good question!

There was an article in Men’s Health magazine, which stated:

Researchers at Ohio State University found that mice exposed to air pollution developed more abdominal fat, higher blood sugar levels, and more insulin resistance than mice who breathed clean air. Pollutants may trigger an increase in the number and size of fat cells.”

Now…how exactly the body reacts to air pollution that it stimulates tummy fats, I don’t know either. But I think we can all agree that being exposed to polluted air is no good in any way for anyone.

What I do know is that the body creates a lot of free radical activity when processing and handling all the polution that it’s being exposed to in the air. These free radical activities damage vital functions in the body, which results in things like increase of body fat and more insuline resistance.

We could probably write a whole book on the impact of air pollution to our bodies.

But there is one very interesting fact I’ve found and that I would like to share with you here today. If you live in a smoggy city, chances are big you will not get enough Vitamine D from the sunlight, even on a sunny day in the summer.

That’s right!

The reason for this is because the UVB rays, don’t pass the smog sufficiently enough to trigger Vitamin D production in your body. And it’s these rays you need to trigger Vitamin D production, opposed to UVA rays, which do pass through smog.

As you probably know, a shortage of Vitamin D in your body can mess up your entire hormonal system.

If you are living in a smoggy city and experiencing any of the ailments mentioned above, my advice would be: “Try to get more into the countryside and mountains to breath more fresh and clean air and get your Vitamin D producing sunshine.

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Ivanildo is a Personal Trainer and Health Expert

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