Couples Wedding Shower Themes: At the Campground

Camping can be fairly cheap to do on a regular basis if you have all the needed supplies. For couples who love to camp, throw a wedding shower with an “at the campground” theme and give the bride and groom all the items they’ll need to enjoying camping at its finest.

Wedding Shower Themes

Although this wedding shower theme is an ‘at the campground’ theme, it doesn’t mean the wedding shower will need to be held at the campground. As a matter of fact, it would probably be too difficult to get everyone into the campground, find a place to park and sit the guests comfortably on the few seats or picnic tables that are normally available.

Instead, hold the wedding shower at a nearby park or a large back yard. Of course, if you would like to throw the ‘at the campground’ wedding shower at the campgrounds, schedule the camping trip in advance and take along the whole family and a bunch of friends for a weekend getaway before the ceremony. If you are holding the shower outdoors, there will be little need for too many decorations. You should only need eating utensils, food, seating and the wedding shower gifts.

Couples Wedding Shower

At the campground, get the wood ready in the fire pit and throw on some food such as: camp taters, grilled veggies and baked beans. Purchase a large cast iron cooker for the couple and load it up with some chili, beef stew, roast and potatoes or even baked potatoes. What better time to break in some new gifts than as soon as they are opened. For a unique wedding shower such as this, it should be easy for all the guests to pitch in and make a dish at the campground to bring to the shower.

Set up some corn hole games or play some horseshoes and get ready for the gifts to be opened. Below are some ideal camping wedding gift ideas for the couple:

plastic food containers with lids salt and pepper shakers cast iron skillets cast iron ‘pie iron’ citronella torches fire pit first aid kit chairs cooler small refrigerator camper bedding camper pillows camper curtains/shower curtain/bathroom decorations small garden flags

Other Wedding Shower Gifts

Throw some of these items into a picnic basket: aluminum foil, cutting board, knives, insect repellent, small citronella candles, paper towels, plastic knives/forks/spoons, paper plates, matches, lighter, lanterns and so on. A great personalized wedding shower gift is a wooden or metal yard sign with the couples married name on it for the campsite.

As a wedding gift, pay for the couple to play golf, take a horseback ride, tour a cave or anything else the campground has to offer. This will give the couple a few minutes of alone time while they are at the campground. For the rest of the trip, set up a time for all the guests to play a round of golf, putt-putt, or spend a few hours on the water fishing or swimming. This is a great getaway for family and friends to spend time with the bride and groom before the big day. Often, when couple ties the knot, they find themselves with less and less time to spend with the ones they love. Make the most of it while you can.

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