Create a Child’s Room that Grows with Your Child

Parents are always amazed at how fast their children grow. They are even more amazed at how fast a child’s favorite things abruptly change from one moment to the next. All parents want their child to have an enjoyable haven in their home. Yet, changing a child’s room can become very expensive. This article will provide some suggestions to make life easier, inexpensive and still enjoyable for your child.

Furniture: Try to purchase furniture that will grow with your child. For example, a crib that can convert into a toddlers bed is a good idea. Chest of drawers with large size drawers will allow for future growth of wardrobes. Do not buy small chairs that the child will quickly out grow. Get those that are larger. Your child will adjust to them.

Toys: Have two toy boxes. One for present toys being used and one for the bottom of the closet. Eventually, the toys that are out grown will go into the closet box. Until that time, you can store other items in it. You can also place a shelf above the doors and windows. small childhood collectibles can go o these shelves. Stuffed animals, toys cars, dolls and animals can easily sit on these shelves.

Decor Ideas: Find out your child’s favorite color and paint the walls with it. If your child has two colors, go with a two tone paint decor. You can paint the walls one color and the ceiling the other color. You can also exploit their color with pillows ad throw rugs. If you put logos or designs on the walls, think about going with stick and peel items. Eventually, Disney items will change to rock and sport stars.

Display Items: Your child will bring items that they make at school home. Have a place that they can display these items. They are proud of them and these items help to build self esteem. An open bookcase and extra wall shelves will handle these items. Magnetic boards are also excellent. No tape or holes on the walls. Old items are easily removed and new ones added.

Safety Suggestions: Hide all electric cords from view. Place wall socket tabs in the electrical outlets. As the child grows older, explain the value of safety around electrical items. Small children have no need for electronic items in their room. You can add them as the child matures and grows.

With these ideas, you can enjoy each stage of your child’s life without breaking the bank and damaging your home.

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