Creative Craft Projects for Kids Using Fall Leaves

Fall is the perfect time to go for a walk with the kids and collect brilliantly colored leaves for making crafts. Leaves are the perfect item to use for craft projects due to the large array of shapes and colors to choose from and they can be used in several different decorative ways. The following three craft projects are the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the kids making decorations for the fall season.

Fall Pictures

A super easy, quick and fun project is a picture frame with beautiful fall leaves. The project is easy for young children and they will adore seeing their “work of art” displayed throughout the fall season.

Things you’ll need:

Several leaves in different shapes and colors Construction paper in fall colors Decoupage medium Scissors Foam paintbrush Picture Frames

Take the picture frame apart. Using the piece of cardboard or paper included in the frame as a template, trace the size on a piece of construction paper and cut the shape from the construction paper. Use a foam paintbrush to apply decoupage medium to a leaf and place it on the construction paper. Continue “gluing” leaves to the construction paper until desired effect. Let the decoupage medium dry completely. Apply a thin layer of decoupage medium over the entire picture and let dry. Put the picture in the frame and display


Fall Placemats

Kids adore making and using placemats they have made themselves and this is an easy, inexpensive project for kids as young as toddler age.

Things you’ll need:

Variety of dry fall leaves Contact paper Scissors


After the kids have collected a variety of leaves, check to see if any are wet. Place any wet leaves on a piece of newspaper or paper towel and let them dry completely. Cut two pieces of contact paper in the shape and size desired. Hint: for the shape and size of a standard placemat, trace around a placemat on the backing of the contact paper before peeling. Remove the backing from the contact paper. Let the kids place the leaves on the sticky side of the contact paper. When they are finished with their design, peel the backing from the second piece of contact paper and carefully place over the top of the leaves, with both sticky sides together. Trim the edges if necessary. Let the kids put their one of a kind masterpiece at their place seating on the dining table.

Fall Wreath

If you have small children or toddler age children, making a wreath from fall leaves will be the perfect project to do with them. The wreath is easy to make, toddlers love going outside to gather the leaves and can be hung on the front door to greet fall visitors.

Things you’ll need:

Several leaves Paper plate White craft glue Scissors Ribbon or yarn


Collect several colorful leaves. Fold a paper plate in half and cut the center from the plate, leaving about two or three inches of the border. Give the kids a cut paper plate, non-toxic craft glue and let them glue the leaves to the paper plate. Encourage them to overlap the leaves while gluing to keep the paper plate from showing. After all leaves are glued in place, let the glue dry completely. Cut a piece of ribbon or yarn to desired length and attach it to the paper plate. Hang the decorative wreath on the front door.

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