Creative Ways to Design and Furnish an Attic Playroom

A house with an attic has much more potential for use than many homeowners realize. Some use the unfinished space for storage, but the possibilities are far greater. If the loft offers enough headroom, it can be turned into a spacious playroom for kids. A play area is a great way to use otherwise wasted square footage. Best of all, an attic playroom can grow and change with the family.

My friend Laura’s husband Dale chose to furnish their attic especially for their kids. Many of his ideas were inspired by a playroom he had as a child. He grew up in an 8,000 square foot home in Chicago Illinois, and the entire attic was a playroom. Although the home he shared with his wife and children was not quite as large, he wanted to give their kids a playroom similar to the one he had. It was a child’s dream come true.

Flooring, Walls and Chalkboard Doors

Dale began by finishing the walls and the ceiling of the attic with drywall, and he used acrylic satin paint. It provided just enough gloss to wipe away fingerprints. He chose a different pastel hue for each wall.

My friend’s husband did something very unique when finishing the doors of the attic playroom. Instead of coating the wood with stain and varnish he used chalkboard paint. This was a brilliant idea. Their kids loved playing school, and they used the doors to draw pictures, write stories and more.

To finish the floor he chose top-quality padding and commercial-quality carpeting that would stand up to many years of use. It was a smart move since it held up to roughhousing and occasional spills. It was wise to pay a little more for flooring of higher quality.

Create a Climbing Wall with a Secret Loft

My friend’s husband Dale attached climbing holds to thick, painted wood panels. The climbing wall did not extend to the attic ceiling. When looking for ways to furnish the attic playroom, Dale came up with something very creative. He built a sturdy loft area on top of the climbing wall, and it included a comfy cushion and a window with a view. The climbing wall was the only way to access the secret loft, and the kids loved it. They used the area for reading, pretending and playing all sorts of games.

To complete the attic playroom my friend’s husband built a wall of wooden shelves. They were the perfect height for the kids, and they were used to store and organize toys and games. He chose white satin furniture paint for the shelves.

In later years the shelves were used to hold video games, books and movies. The attic space grew with the kids, and it was easy to change as their abilities and needs changed. Even though the kids are teenagers now, it is still one of the most popular rooms in their home.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Decorating and Design Experience

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