Crime and Professional Sports What is the Real Story and is There a Major Problem in Sports with Crime?

You click onto Yahoo or Google or even ESPN or Fox on the web and what do you find loads of stories with athletes involved in crimes in professional sports. It is part of the daily drama that I feel keeps sports alive and in the headlines and heck it always gives me something to talk about on my show Outlaw Sports Radio on Blog Talk Radio.

However if you look over the statistics for the four major leagues in professional sports you come up with some pretty alarming numbers of how many athletes are involved in a crime. Some athletes are even convicted, sent to jail and return to play in certain leagues.

In a study done by the San Diego Union Tribune they reported that since the year 2000 there has been 308 arrest and citations to athletes in the NFL.

Also they included a report of what they found overall and these are the results:

Convictions, diversion programs, fines: 68 percent, Dropped without penalty: 26 percent, Acquittals: 6 percent.

Most common charges:

Drunken driving: 32 percent, Fights, assaults and disorderly conduct: 21 percent, Domestic violence/violence against women: 17 percent, Drug-related: 13 percent, Gun-related: 8 percent

Tthe NHL has a huge problem with an estimated 80% of players being arrested in Canada and Europe on possession of illegal drugs according to reports from the border patrol. However this is really hard to verify due to that they arrest are never made public.

The MLB is another league that got hit hard with players being arrested for steroids.

Also players have been arrested for DUI and other charges.

The NBA is another league that has been having many issues with athletes charged with crimes. The crimes in the NBA seemed to be a little more dramatic than the other leagues however.

It would really take some research and time to calculate exactly how many athletes have been arrested, charged with a crime, convicted of a crime, done time in all four of the major leagues.

Here is a web page that has a long list of athletes whom have had issues in these sports:

It is not only these four leagues that have major issues many other sports have them as well.

As I am known as an Outlaw yet I do not have a poster but there seems to be a lot of wanted posters needed in professional sports!

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