Crime Awareness: “Keep All Our Streets Safe” (K.A.O.S.S.)

“Awareness” and knowledge is the starting point of the battle against crime and victimization. When we as a society become more aware of how not to become a victim then we “eliminate the opportunity” for the criminal to commit crime and then as we “spread the word”, the battle against crime becomes victorious.

There is a terrible virus among us that is spreading fast and destroying our society and it is called, “The Criminal” or “The Enemy”.

Join K.A.O.S.S. and become a crime fighter

I have started a meet-up group and on-line community of Crime fighters. It is FREE to join and is a place where we can share and learn from each other how not to become a victim of crime.

The aim of K.A.O.S.S. is to vigorously promote crime prevention by providing crime awareness information, programs and safety-related training to cities across America all FREE of charge.

Become part of K.A.O.S.S. Click here!

After being in Law Enforcement for over thirty years and dealing with countless victims, I am using the knowledge and experience I have gained to spread awareness, and help millions of people everywhere learn how not to become a victim of crime.

It is my hope that K.A.O.S.S will become a household word and a simple reminder that all of us need to do our part to “Keep All Our Streets Safe”.

Why join a group?

There are numerous organizations, neighborhood watch groups and community associations that are available for you to join in your area or you start one of your own. The reason you join a group is to form a master mind alliance with like-minded people who are motivated in the same cause. There is a lot of power in numbers and much can be accomplished, learned and gained from each other’s own experiences.

Something as simple as telling your group to remember not to leave their lap top computer, purse or personal property on the front seat of their car would help people not become a victim. Scams and Identity theft could be drastically reduced if we all were aware that the thief only wants these two things; “your personal information” and wants you to “send them money”.

I, like you, am sick and tired of watching and hearing on the news about criminals committing their crimes and taking advantage of good innocent people. It is also dis-hearting and aggravating that too many people are either ignoring the fact that crime exists or they take on the, “it will never happen to me” attitude and then stand by doing nothing while criminals take advantage us.

Since the beginning

Crime has been around since time began. Even in the very beginning as the Bible tells us, the criminal or the enemy, came in the form of a serpent and deceived our first parents.

The criminal, are people of all walks of life, of all back grounds and cultures and sometimes it is not easy to know who the enemy truly is. It could very well be your neighbor, your co-worker, your minister, priest, teacher and trusted loved one or as hard as it is to believe, maybe even a family member that will take advantage, steal and deceive you.

Needless to say, it is up to each of us to become educated and aware of this truth so we can protect our families, ourselves, our children and our treasures by not giving this virus the “opportunity” to make us a victim.

As long as we turn our backs to crime, ignore it or believe it will never happen to us, criminals will always be there when opportunity presents itself and another victim will fall prey to the enemy and have to feel the pain, anger and frustration of being a victim.

Spreading the word

Unless you have been a victim of crime, it may be hard to understand how important awareness truly is. If every one of us just warned three people who in turn warned three people who warned three people, the entire world would be aware in only a few weeks. You can help by sending this article to three people and help them to become aware and then ask them to send this article to three people and so on…let’s all adopt “K.A.O.S.S.”


I ask that we all take on the mindset that “awareness” is the first step in the fight against crime. As we become more aware and “eliminate the opportunity” by making it harder for the criminal to commit crime, in turn, the criminal will also become aware that he cannot commit his crime so easily because there is no opportunity.

Let us “spread this word” and start to win the war on crime.

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