Crochet Stuffed Acorns

Recently, I found some wool yarn that had been hand-spun. Our temperatures are finally cooling somewhat, so I’ve been thinking about decorating for fall. The yarn’s natural colors fit beautifully into my plans for natural decor. Various hues of gray, brown and black seemed to scream acorns. Since crocheting during the chilly months is so relaxing, I decided to make a basket of crocheted acorns.

I love using natural elements to craft holiday decorations, but for fall, I also like to make decorations that resemble these natural elements. Leaves, pumpkins, gourds, nuts, apples and the cornucopia of vegetables that autumn provides are my inspiration.

The yarn I used for the acorns was not store-bought, so I can’t offer a brand name. I can, however, suggest a bulky-weight yarn or double strands of worsted-weight. The yarn I used was wool, but acrylics, cottons or other yarn fibers could also be used.

Bulky-weight yarn, beige and dark brown
Crochet hooks, G and H
Yarn needle

Acorn Bottom

Chain 5 using a beige bulky-weight yarn and a size H crochet hook. Slip stitch to the first chain stitch to form a ring.

The acorn is crocheted in continuous rounds without connecting with a slip stitch at the end of each round, or chaining at their beginnings.

Round 1
Single crochet in each of the 5 chains in the ring.

Round 2
2 sc in each of the 5 sc stitches. This increases this round to 10 single crochet stitches.

Rounds 3-6
Sc in each stitch. Knot and finish off the yarn.

Fill the acorn bottom with stuffing and set aside.

Acorn Cap

Chain 16 using a brown bulky-weight yarn and a size G crochet hook. Slip stitch to the first chain to form a ring.

Round 1
Single crochet in each of the 16 chains in the ring.

Round 2
Single crochet in each sc in the round.

Round 3
Crochet 8 sc decreases around.

Round 4
Crochet 4 sc decreases around. Finish off leaving an 18-inch tail.

Pull the yarn tail to the inside of the cap through the center hole. Thread the yarn tail on a yarn needle. Stitch around the hole and pull to gather it closed. Tack a knot at the opening. Insert the needle through the center and out the top. Remove the needle.

Against the center top of the cap, chain 4 using the G crochet hook. Slip stitch to the base of the ch 4. Knot the yarn. This is the stem of the cap. Pull the thread to the inside of the cap. Weave the yarn end into the stitches and trim off the excess.

Stuff the acorn cap. Place the cap on the acorn body. Thread an 18-inch length of brown yarn onto a yarn needle. Stitch the base of the cap to the acorn bottom. Knot and cut the yarn.

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