Crock Pot Sauces Are Easy to Make

In the wintertime, I often use my crock-pot for the tomato-based sauces I use to feed my family. It is so easy to toss all the ingredients inside and forget about it until mealtime.

The beauty of this type of cooking is I can toss all the ingredients inside, turn it on and walk away. It is very convenient in a world, which is chaotic. It is also great for when family members eat at different times because a hot homemade meal is always waiting for them.

If you feel like having spaghetti for supper one night but do not have the time to make sauce, toss all the ingredients in the crock-pot. Turn it on low and allow it to cook all day. It is ready when you are. Make the noodles on the stove pot and spoon the homemade sauce over top.

Chili can also be made in a crock-pot. Simply toss in everything and let it go for hours. You will smell the aroma long before it is ready but it simply adds to the anticipation. Chili made like this is great for game night, a potluck dinner or even a homemade meal as your family strangles in after their day of work or play.

If you are planning to have lasagna one night for supper, and need a flavorful sauce the crock-pot is where you should begin. Toss in your canned sauce or tomato paste. Add in peppers, onions, garlic along with spices. I always toss in a cup or so of cubed or shredded cheese at this point. Brown a pound of hamburger on your stove-top and toss it into the pot with your sauce. Allow it to cook for a few hours. An hour or so before supper make your noodles and layer it, spoon it your crock-pot sauce and pop it in the oven.

I could not live without my crock-pot because I do use it so much. It is great for so many different types of food. From soups, sauces to main dishes it can all be done in a crock-pot. It makes my life so much easier.

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