Cyber Monday: Just a Click Away

The big event called Black Friday, which started instead on Thursday, November 23, is over.

Much to the delight of thousands of store owners around the country, millions of people took special delight in participating in an unprecedented event that for some overshadowed the actual holiday by opening its doors a minimum of twelve hours early.

The stores’ expectation was for the consumers to embrace the premise of amazing sales of 50% through 90% savings in hopes the customer would be willing to go to any length to wait in line for the deal.

Once the doors opened, the crowds were unleashed into what looked like ants falling into an abyss. It turns out they were willing to be the first to scramble into the stores doors, rummage through the merchandise and be the winner at the cash register by purchasing the most amount of items for the least amount of dollars. In the end what would be the true cost?

It should have been anticipated a few rotten apples would be among the bunch to spoil the euphoric rush and enthusiasm for others that had come willing to behave in a respectable, considerate, and responsible manner to which others would reciprocate. It goes without saying, there were some unsavory, sleep deprived, aggravated, spoilers who ruined the experience for throngs of people surrounding them.

It has been widely reported by the AP, along with other national and international media outlets that a woman armed with pepper spray, also known as Mace, sprayed a crowd of bystanders who waited in line ahead of her. This was a demented act to not only savagely disrupt the semi-chaotic gathering, but also to purposefully move to the head of the line. Several people were adversely affected by the intrusive burning spray to their eyes, nose and throat.

Another altercation included an alleged shoplifter apprehended by the police resulting in a broken nose for the grandfather during the arrest. The man claimed he stuffed a DVD in his trousers while attempting to protect his grandchild from the frenzy of an intensifying mob. Also reported was a murder that took place in a parking lot as a result of Black Friday among other mayhem and madness.

With all that behind, it’s time to: take a deep breath; get rid of the stress; relax in your favorite spot; turn on your computer; start clipping your product coded online coupons and get ready for enormous savings this Cyber Monday.

If you shop from home on your computer this November 28, you will be able to take advantage of some of the same sales, discounts and promotions as Black Friday – without the hassle, sleep deprivation, pepper spray, or the possibility of being swept up in a stampede or worse – witnessing a murder.

Black Friday is over until next year. Hopefully, there have been some lessons learned; some newly devised strategies will be implemented, and consumers will be a bit more savvy in their decision making process.

For now, as you sit in the comfort of your home, write your list, peruse your coupons and match up sale items. This will inevitably allow you the capacity to save more money than you expected by having a clear mind with discretion on your side with the mere click of the send button.

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