Dad Unloads Gun into Daughter’s Laptop

COMMENTARY | There was a video posted on YouTube Feb. 8 of a father making a case for his anger and frustration about his daughter’s disrespectful posts to Facebook. Tommy Jordan of North Carolina is visibly at his wit’s end as he smokes a cigarette while reading his 15-year-old daughter’s post.

Jordan goes on to explain that this isn’t the first time his daughter has insulted, humiliated, and condemned her parents on her Facebook page for making her do chores. Jordan makes it clear this will be the last. As it turns out, this last act of rebellion came after Jordan spent $130 upgrading his daughter’s laptop.

As Jordan wraps up his explanation of why he is so upset, his voice trembles. He curtly rolls his cigarette around between two fingers to extinguish it and stands, retrieving the camera. The view swings around to a laptop lying on the ground. From along side the camera, Jordan has drawn a .45, letting the viewer know that they were hollow point bullets and they were also going to be paid for by his daughter, too. Nine rounds are fired, unloading the clip into the laptop that was once his daughter’s.

Jordan returns to the camera and lets the viewer know that his daughter can have a new laptop when she buys one.

This video, as of Feb. 13, has had over 20 million views. Tommy Jordan has stuck to his guns on his actions (no pun intended). It would seem this has cause enough people to have a problem to stir that both the police and CPS has been called extensively to check him out. Jordan reports that they have no problem with him or his actions.

On the other side, many people are applauding him on his actions and insisting that he is a “parenting genius”. There has even been an offer for his daughter a job. Jordan remains humble in the face of his new-found hero worship, insisting that he is “a normal guy with [a reasonable] moral compass.”

All things considered, all Jordan did was throw his daughter’s laptop away in a manner that will be exceptionally memorable with a lesson to be learned she will never forget. Isn’t teaching your kids successful life lessons that will never be forgotten every parent’s dream?

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