Dancing with the Stars Semi-Final Results: No More Hope

After a day fighting off the effects of food poisoning, I gathered my wits and strength long enough to catch last night’s performance show.

The stars of the show last night were Ricki and Derek, with Rob and Cheryl close behind. J.R. and Karina ended up in third and Hope and Maks were left in the dust.

One couple will be eliminated tonight and be left out of the finals. Based on past elimination shows and their below average performance, Hope and Maks seem to be a pretty safe bet to go home.

Let’s see who makes the finals and some Muppets tonight.

The encore dance is Ron and Cheryl with their “I Go To Rio” routine.

A result is coming up with Rob and Cheryl finding out if they will be making the finals. They will be coming back.

Next, a performance by Cobra Starship. Some great dancing by Kym, Tristian and others.

Up next, Maks and Hope find out where they stand. I think the judges again were a little harsh on this pair. They will be in jeopardy and will find out their fate.

After a little segment with Carson Kressley on the DWTS wardrobe department, we finally get to see Derek and Anna in the Design-A-Dance routine.

Next, our uplifting story featuring Kenny Wormald, who stars in the current movie “Footloose.” He talks about how difficult it is to be a male dancer. They set out to prove that dance is a manly sport. These kids did a great job with the pro dancers.

The Muppets make their appearance on DWTS to promote their new movie. Great to have Stadler and Waldorf as the judges.

More results with Ricki and Derek and J.R. and Karina. J.R. fought through his ankle injury and they go into jeopardy. Rick and Derek head to the finals.

That leaves us with either Hope and maks or J.R. and Karina exiting tonight.

The couple heading to the finals along with Ricki and Derek and Rob and Cheryl is J.R. and Karina. No surprise.

Finals next week.

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