Dark or Gothic Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween is a fun time of year. For one night, you can dress up as whoever or whatever you want to be. If you’re looking for dark or gothic Halloween costumes for couples, you’re in luck. There are plenty of movies to look to for cool or creepy couple costume ideas. These five will help you get started.

Twilight – Bella and Edward

Twilight took Hollywood and world by storm when it hit theaters in 2008. These beautiful, intriguing vampires put style and charm into a creature once relegated to darkness and coffins. Everybody’s favorite vampire/human couple is Edward and Bella.

For Edward, you’ll need: A wild bronze-colored wig, polo shirt, dark jeans, gray pea coat, dark Ray Ban sunglasses, white face make-up, powder with mica and topaz contact lenses (if you’re so inclined).

Be careful not to go overboard on the white make-up and add some natural mica powder for that sparkly effect. A touch of gold glitter will work just as well.

For Bella, you’ll need: Clothes in warm earth tones such as browns, grays, dark greens and dark blues. She’s also not used to the cold so she dresses in layers. Her shoes are usually flats. Her signature long reddish brown hair may require a wig.

Legend – Darkness and Lily

Legend is one of the most enduring fantasy films of the 1980s. The most startling and memorable costume belonged to Tim Curry as “Darkness.” His companion is Lily.

For Darkness, you’ll need: A dark lord mask, light-weight Styrofoam to make the black horns, full vampire fangs, elf ears, fur pants, a black cape, black fingernail polish and a lot of red body paint.

For Dark Lily, you’ll need: A low-cut black leather vest, gauzy black skirt or dress and cape with very high collar. Complete the outfit with a dark gauzy scarf and a silver sash.

Labyrinth – Jareth and Sarah

Labyrinth is another classic from the 1980s that lives in the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. They’re also a great Halloween costume for couples who love fantasy.

For Jareth, you’ll need: A long-sleeved white poet shirt with puffy sleeves, black vest, gray leather pants, black leather gloves, calf-length black boots, blonde wig, white eye shadow and pale pink lipstick. For the ball scene, add a mask and a blue sparkly coat.

For Sarah, you’ll need: A large puffy-sleeved white dress, which you can improvise and a dark, wavy-haired wig with delicate flowers for your hair.

Sid and Nancy – Sid and Nancy

Sid and Nancy is the biographical story of Sid Vicious, bassist for the Sex Pistols and his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen. This dark couple makes an easy Halloween costume.

For Sid, you’ll need: A leather jacket, tight black pants, black boots, wallet chain, studded belts, studded wristbands and a chain and lock necklace.

For Nancy, you’ll need: A leather jacket, fishnet top, black bra, leather miniskirt, fishnet stockings, black high-heels, studded wrist-bands and belt and chain necklace with a plastic gun hanging from it. You may also want to add a short, teased-out blond wig to complete the look.

Natural Born Killers – Mickey and Mallory

These famous serial killers from the movie “Natural Born Killers” are the ultimate dark Halloween costume for couples. Since Mickey and Mallory change costumes a lot throughout this movie, you’ll have plenty of looks to choose from. This is just one idea.

For Mickey, you’ll need: A bald head cap or a blond wig and Mickey’s signature round, red sunglasses. Add a leather jacket, striped shirt, jeans and a toy gun attached at the belt and you’ve completed the easy look.

For Mallory, you’ll need: A blond 80’s wig, short skirt, long-sleeved orange shirt, long gauzy vest and a toy gun.

These five ideas for dark or gothic Halloween costumes for couples are just one way you can create your look. Browse some photos on the Internet to get more ideas and make the costume your own.

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