Dark Time

It was dark time. It started long time ago when there were wars and people were experimented upon. First, people were put in camps and treated like guinea pigs. Some were sent to die or to be killed, especially the weak, and infirm. The healthy ones were put in crowded houses and left to survive. Some became less than human. It was like they were zombies and cannibals. Although they did not eat brains, they tried to eat anything they could find. Then finally they were released into society. Then there were vaccines. Each one had some more toxic material in them. People started noticing their children having more personality disorders. Some people actually starting noticing it and started campaigns to fix individual problems, and never realizing that all those issues where coming from the same source.

He sat alone, wondering what to do. He was an early experiment – one that thought was dead. He aged slowly. He remembered being strapped to tables and some fluids were being injected in him. He opened his eyes. His heartbeat slowed so much and he heard them. “He’s dead.”

“Oh, well. Out of all of the people, we thought he had the best potential. We’ll find a new one.”

“He sure is cold,” she said as she unhooked his tubes. “Do with him what you want. He’s yours.”

“Let’s go,” two uniformed men said to each other as they lifted him off the cot and threw him on gurney.

It was nighttime, he realized when they tossed him on a cart and then threw his naked body in a ditch with all other dead bodies. He was too weak and sleep overcame him again. When he awoke to the smell of smoke, he glanced at the bodies that were starting to burn. He pushed and shoved him way to the top of the pile of bodies and tried to run. He brushed past two guards.

“Did you just push me? ” One guard said as he pushed the other guard. The other guard pushed back. Nobody noticed the naked person in front of them.

He still remembered that time about fifty years ago. He was so weak for months to come. He could only watch helplessly when they did unspeakable things to other people. One time, he managed to go to the building where put in.

To be continued — .

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