David Archuleta – Music, Memories & Emotions

What is it about David Archuleta’s music that can evoke such vivid memories? Lyrics through music; it is a universal communication that connects with people on so many levels. Music can elicit strong responses from people and can serve as a sound tract for a mental movie that starts playing in our heads. Music calls back memories of a particular place or event and is an important influence on our memories. We associate songs with emotions, people and places we’ve experienced in the past.

Music is a very complex system of moving sound through time, and it must be impeccably ordered on three different planes; in melody, harmony, and rhythm.

There’s just something individualistic about the sound of David’s music. The spotlight shines down…..It seems like every song conjures up memories of a time when you first heard it.

He gives every ounce of emotion that’s in him to convey a song he feels strongly about. The beauty about his performances is that he gives us a taste of what’s to come and it’s always better than his last. Bravo David!

He really sings that good and really performs that well, he writes songs and has a point of view. It’s staggering. David has become fearless.

It’s good to see David enjoy all the success that comes with the type of heart you need today for longevity. That is one thing he has that is lacking in a lot of talent today. The spirited performances, making eye contact with audience members, engaging the crowd verbally, and singing with earnest passion.

His powerful clear voice evokes passion, sensitivity, eloquence and a sense of purpose and intent. David puts the focus on the song and its message front and center. His voice is soothing and dynamic with an impressive range. His songs draw you in with lyrics anyone can relate to instantly.

Learning how to provide the best environment for an artist to feel a certain comfort level in to deliver their talent that’s something that takes time. There are some superstars who are superstars in entertainment, but not really exceptional at the music but David has it all.

What makes David so easy to love? Is it his innocence, humility, compassion? The list goes on, or is it just his ability to see life as passionately as he does his music. Perhaps we will never describe David accurately, all we can say for sure is he’s a gift from Heaven.

David Archuleta gives us performances that are spiritually awakening with a renewed interest in music that stirs our emotions and inspires our hearts. We have become protective, compassionate and involved not only with charities but with each other.

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