Days Out in Sydney

Welcome to Sydney, Australia, where you can soak up the sun as well as the culture in a city that is artsy, sporty, fun and fashionable. It is the largest city in Australia, and the capital of New South Wales. Sydney is the main hub of all that’s cool in Australia, and it is no surprise that all of the country’s best actors, writers, architects, musicians and chefs have flocked here to make it in the Harbour City. The result is a happening hotspot of bright culture and activity. Scheduled flights to Sydney Scheduled flights to Australia

One of the best traits of Sydney is its diversity; its population is made up of people from all over the world. With the arts, culture and cuisine of all these different countries on display, Sydney offers many chances to try something new and exotic.

Sydney truly has the best of all worlds, with the culture and civilization of a European city and the diverse mysteriousness of an Asian city, all combined with the relaxation and laid back feel of the South Pacific.

There are many great ways to spend a day out in fantastic Sydney. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

• Of course, no trip to Sydney would be complete without visiting one of the world’s most famous manmade structures. The Sydney Opera House is one of the cities most beautiful and usual structures, designed by architect Jorn Utzon to look like a sail caught by the wind. You can take a look inside the building free of charge, or join a guided tour. If you get a chance to see a classical music concert or an opera at the Sydney Opera House, it is an experience to be remembered.

• Don’t miss the impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the biggest landmarks of Sydney. You can walk across the bridge, cycle across it, have a picnic under it, or even climb over it!

• Catch the Manly Ferry heading back to Sydney from Manly. This ferry offers you the best view of the beautiful Sydney Harbour. You will get your most breathtaking and iconic photos of the city from this ride, and you can enjoy the sunshine and the refreshing breeze.

• Put on that itsy bitsy bikini and head to Bondi Beach. One of the world’s great beaches, Bondi is only 8km from the city centre and has great waves and warm water for a fun swim. Remember to always swim between the flags, where the water is free of rip tides and strong currents. There are many ice cream vendors along the sand, where you can get yourself a cold treat as you stroll along the water.

• Enjoy a Festival. Sydney is home to a huge number of festivals, and there is always something happening at any time of the year. The Big Day Out Festival in January is a huge alternative rock music festival with past acts that have included Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Muse, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Chemical Brothers. The Chinese New Year is celebrated in February, with lion dances in Chinatown and dragon boat races at Darling Harbour. Other exciting festivals include the Lavazza Italian Film Festival in September and the Sydney International Food Festival in October.

• If you fancy a quiet walk with great views, take the ferry to the Taronga Zoo wharf and turn right and head along the promontory. You can walk through the pristine bushland, which is almost unchanged since the time of European colonization. Enjoy the peaceful beaches and the incredibly views across the harbour.

There are many great ways to spend your days out in Sydney, as this funky city has plenty to explore.

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