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PG 13 | Drama | Romance – 24 February 2012 (USA)

“Good Deeds” is a Tyler Perry film, which means it’s wholesome, there’s purpose and a moral lesson to be learned. But this TP film doesn’t have a Madea appearance. (Take that as good news or disappointing.) For the first time you will see Tyler Perry in the lead role…not dressed as woman; and its also one of those things where he wrote, produced, directed and acted in the film. Was he successful at it? Let’s discuss.

Tyler Perry is Wesley Deeds an man who does everything that he is supposed to do, so he ends up leading a routine, monotonous, predictable life. But everything changes when he meets Thandie Newton’s character, Lindsey Wakefield.

In the meantime, you meet the rest of the star studded cast: Gabrielle Union plays Wesley’s fiancee Natalie. Brian White is Walter, Wesley’s brother, and he’s so angry. Phylicia Rashad is the exact opposite of Claire Huxtable as the Deeds’ brothers mother. Eddie Cibrian’s adorable dimples have a minor character role as John, Wesley Deeds’ associate. You’ll also see Rebecca Romijn and Beverly Johnson, who is just as beautiful as ever.

But it is Thandie Newton who steals the show with an emotional performance as a struggling single mother who is in a place that she never imagined she would be. And she goes there theatrically. It’s an unexpected emotional ride. If you find yourself tearing up, just when you think you have gotten over it, something in the film will jerk some tears…again.

There’s a peculiar love triangle that is developed and here’s where I found it a little uncomfortable. Usually, the movie sets you up to despise the one “he” (the main character) is with and endear the one “he” should be with. And the end is generally satisfying because the lead male ditches the lady he shouldn’t be with and ends up, finally, with the endearing one.

In this film that is not so clear cut. You don’t despise Natalie, Wesley’s fiancee. And it is not clear that Wesley is attracted to Lindsey. So when something romantic does happen, it’s…a…bit…weird.

Which made me start to think that the story was written correctly but the disconnect may be Tyler Perry’s performance as the a seducer. It wasn’t believable. There is a scene that’s a PG version of a sex scene and that’s when it is clear that something is…a…bit…off.

When you see it, let me know what you think about this part.

Along with the emotional journey of Lindsey (Thandie Newton), Wesley goes through one as well. This film also has intense fight scenes. So again, there were more highs and lows than expected.

At one point it did feel like it was dragging on, and I thought it was going to turn into a cheesy, Lifetime film. It was not and there is a very satisfying ending. (As you know I am often disappointed in endings.)

You can definitely see a maturity in this script, and I would compare it along the lines of “Daddy’s Little Girls.”

I would recommend this film for those who want to see something with the entire family. It’s safe.

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