Dear America

Dear America,
I admire your beauty the freedom you give us daily
As a FARMER you provide us with enough
In times of fear you put on your gear
As we salute you as a SOLDIER as you step out onto the battle field
We will never September 11 the day you were surprised around sunrise
The world heard your cry from the pain as your life began to change
When I traveled west i didn’t realize the creative side of you when I got the view of your fame
I love the way you have kept us entertained over the years giving us inspiration through your creation
Heading south you’ve got soul made of gold when you play Jazz
We can’t forget your COWBOY spirit under the big stars as you tame those cattle while your hoisted upon your saddle
Little did I know that you had so much in CHICAGO making the best of the corruption mess but that doesn’t make you any less important seeing the fact that you gave us Micheal Jordan
You handled our finance when I take a glance at WALL STREET who cheated you because of greed
The world looks onto you as the LEADER when you sit in that oval office making sure nobody does anything that’s going to cost us a fortune
You watch over the world making sure it spins and twirls in the right direction
You travel the waters in your large ship helping poor countries get a grip
I love you all around even through thick and thin we will always be friends even through the end of time I am very proud and i will say it loud

Future Generations

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