Dear Christians

Dear Christians,

Kids of Jesus

Where is your loyalty?

How do you please your father

With no morality?

Your words, they say you love Him

While your actions say you don’t

You say you’d give up all for Him

In reality, you won’t

Your life is filled with filth

Pest infested with no raid

Instead of getting to heaven

You’re too busy getting laid

And you wonder why non-Christians

Call you hypocritical

When you sacrifice your spirit

For pleasure that’s physical

They wonder where’s the difference

What is it that they’d gain?

In getting to know the father

When your sinful ways remain

They wonder what’s the point of church

Why should they even go?

When church folks claim to fellowship

But can’t even say hello

And maybe there is a God above

And maybe He’s really good

But then why are His children not

Acting the way they should?

Why are they drinking at the club?

And lie right to your face?

But all the while they say that they

Are protected by His grace

Dear Christians,

Why do you play with God?

Why do you ignore His commands?

Why do you continue to sin

If His word you understand?

Why do you search for worldly gains?

Chancing your destiny?

Not caring how the choices made

Kills your testimony?

Do you not care about why we’re here?

The purpose that He gave?

To preach and teach his gospel

Declaring lost souls, saved?

And in the end, when he returns

What would your pleading be?

Will you beg to get to Heaven?

Saying, Father, you know me!?

And what if He says that he doesn’t?

That there’s no room left for you?

That your fate was sealed by your sinful ways

Then what will you do?

But at least you have a chance right now

To live a life that’s right

A chance to leave the darkness

And choose to live in light.

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