Decisions, Decisions….What To Write About

Here I sit, trying to think of what would be good to write on. I like news, and everybody has an opinion on something, including me. But there seems to be lot’s of other people doing that. I like health and medical news, again, lot’s of other great writers are into that. I’m not much for DIY thing’s, my husband does that.

I have RSS feeds loaded with interesting stuff, everything from Archeology to Zoo’s. I have Science news, Health and Medical news, and News/Political news. I love History, so I also need that. I also use Google Reader for news and information. And I read pretty much all of it.

I’ve thought of writing columns, but how can you have one title with multiple articles like the more well-known columnist do? Then I got to thinking, does anybody really read your own opinion on anything? I have lot’s of those, to be sure!

I write better in the evening, when the family is winding down after a busy and hectic day. I’m currently working on a couple articles on History and one on Archeology….does anybody really go searching to read something on that? I do, but would anybody else? Does that make me a bit weird and strange? I’m not a real crafty person either. I love the educational reading, something I can learn from. They say, if you’re searching for it, there’s always somebody else that is too.

I’ve had two kid’s, and now have one Grand-son. Even that seems a bit “everybody should know about kids” type thing. I can’t imagine anybody not knowing how to change a baby’s diaper!

It’s not the number of word’s, I can type out the required 300-400 words with some ease, it’s just the topic, the angle. I’m always thinking, what would somebody else want to know and read?. Maybe I should just go with what I’m interested in and hope there is someone out there interested in it too. After all, the Internet and search engine’s are global. Don’t get me wrong, I love to write! I don’t plan on stopping that by any means. I wonder….does anybody go searching for reviews of anything before they go buy or before they go to the movies?

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