Decor Ideas for a Coffee Table with Contemporary Arts and Crafts Style

Arts and crafts style is creative and highly unique. It can be quite distinctive, especially when exclusively decorated by an artist. I have worked with clients that wanted to decorate their arts and crafts homes with contemporary decor, and the results were always inimitable. Even a coffee table can become a base for displaying unique contemporary arts and crafts decor. It is a fun style to work with, and the results can be quite impressive.

Make a Statement with Coffee Table Books

When seeking decor for a coffee table in a living room with contemporary arts and crafts style, make a statement with hardback books. My client was highly interested in holistic healing, and she chose to display approximately four books complete with book jackets. Not only did the covers add color and design to the space, but they were also conversation pieces. We stacked two at one end facing her white low-profile loveseat, and the other two faced the matching sofa.

Fill a Clear Vessel with Artist’s Brushes

My client was also an artist, and many of our conversations centered on oil painting and other mediums we regularly worked with. As we scanned home decorator’s catalogs for decor that would beautifully coordinate with her contemporary arts and crafts living room, I noticed an array of artist’s brushes in a jar on her kitchen countertop. She had been working on a beautiful contemporary work of wall art. I suggested using her brushes as part of the coffee table decor. We placed a variety of fan brushes, flat brushes and detailing brushes in a clear glass vessel, and it beautifully fit the decorating scheme. The container of brushes became a part of her arts and crafts coffee table decor, and it was as useful as it was decorative.

Use a Knobby Vintage Ashtray as a Tea Light Candle Holder

My client is also a good friend, and we spent part of our day browsing a local antique store. She wanted to find one more eye catching piece to decorate the coffee table in her arts and crafts living room. We were both drawn to a pair of gorgeous London blue vintage ashtrays. They did not look at all like an ashtray. They looked more like a tea light candle holder. The color would coordinate with one of the colors in a large painting in her living room, and I suggested using it as part of the coffee table decor. She loved the idea, and they looked stunning in her living room with arts and crafts style.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

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