Decorating with Colors that Match Your Dog’s Coat

Are you worn out trying to keep up with your dog’s shedding coat? If you’re like most dog owners who share a home with a furry companion, you could vacuum and dust three or more times a day and still not remove every stray dog hair from furniture, floors and fabrics. Take heart; here’s a decorating tip that will give you a break from constant cleaning.

• Why Color Match?

The concept is simple – but, you have to be willing to accept it. Think about this. Why do parents refuse to purchase white sofas, tile or carpet with a house full of growing kids? The answer is easy; because if they did, they’d see every spec of dirt be compelled to constantly clean – all day long. So they opt for a patterned tile and a sofa or carpet color that doesn’t reveal dirt on contact and happily live with cleaning on a schedule that works with their busy lives.

Now, that doesn’t mean they don’t clean. It just means they learn to live with the small stuff and don’t get a visual reminder of their cleaning chores with every kid’s activity. You can apply the same concept to decorating with colors that match your dog’s coat.

Got a black dog? Then you don’t want a white floor. Does that mean you don’t have clean? Absolutely not – it just means you live with a few stray dog hairs in between cleanings – but, it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb as you walk through the house. If you can live with that, you just found a way to give yourself a break from constant cleaning.

• What to Color Match

Flooring – The first place to look for a color match is under foot. Whether or not you share the sofa with your furry friends, they still have to walk around the house and they loose part of their coat on an hourly basis. So, if you have a chocolate lab, look for brown hues in your carpet. Or if you have a little tan pug, consider a medium tone wood or laminate floor or textured tan tile that blends with their coat color.

Upholstered Furniture – Not everyone allows the dog up on the furniture – but, if you do curl up with your pup to watch a bit of television, try to match the upholstery to the color of their fur.

Bedding – Here, too; you may not allow your dog on the bed. But, if you have a dog blanket in the house, it’s time to test your color matching skill again.

• Continued Maintenance on a Schedule

Let’s face it – you own a dog and that comes with additional chores. But, they shouldn’t have to take over your life. Once you’ve decorating your home with a dog complementary color palette, you can stop worrying about the small stuff and pick a routine that keeps everything tidy on a reasonable schedule. That gives you a whole lot more time to spend enjoying your canine companion and all your other favorite activities.

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